About Us

“Style is the best expression of creativity.”

Sammi Chou
Founder of Mi.iM

Since she was a little girl, Sammi Chou has used her personal sense of style and fashion as an outlet for creativity. Fascinated with details such as the placement of a button she obsesses over the slightest variation in shade and texture. In 2013 she decided it was time to take this love to the next level.

Tired of business as usual Sammi decided it was time to build out her dream. She gathered a team of smart, ambitious and inspired individuals and opened the doors to Miracle Miles in 2014.

At Miracle Miles, our goal is to fill the gaps we see in the fast fashion shoe industry by producing high quality footwear and providing the best customer service in the wholesale shoe industry. At Miracle Miles it’s not just about the shoes (although we do love our shoes). We also take pride in providing the best support and service to our customers.

Attention to detail is the highest priority in both creativity and connection.

We take great care to produce shoes that we love. From the contours of the sole to the texture and shade of the upper all of our materials are hand picked before production and obsessively examined before arriving at market. Our designs are extensions of ourselves and we demand the best.

Nothing completes an outfit like the right pair of shoes and a smile on your face.

We are here to bring you both.

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